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How Exactly Does Acupuncture Work Anyway?

From a biomedical standpoint, our bodies house an intricate network of connective tissue (fascia), that houses blood vessels, nerves and neuromuscular attachments .

When fine sterile acupuncture needles are inserted into this network of fascia, the stimulus signals the increase of blood flow to tissues, relaxes muscle tension, regulates hormones, strengthens immune function, activates our parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) and stimulates our pain relieving endorphins (our bodies natural painkillers).

In the case of fascial acupuncture fine sterile needles are inserted into the dermal layer, this creates a micro trauma in the tissue that stimulates our bodies production of collagen and brings nutrient rich blood to plump and tone fascial tissue.

Add to this the concept of Qi (vital energy) and the forces of yin and yang and you have a complex and dynamic methodology in which to further understand the intricate systems and functionality of the body, the environment and well everything we can conceive.

In this complex system of Qi flow, acupuncture points are chosen dependent on the state of individuals health and areas of concern. There are 12 regular meridians that Qi circulates through that correspond with different organs and eight extraordinary meridians that act as reservoirs of blood, Qi and nutrients that can be drawn upon when a person is depleted.

There are many schools of thought within the acupuncture community, Five elements, Japanese style acupuncture, Traditional Chinese acupuncture and medicine to name but a few.

Each practitioner uses methods of questioning, palpation (inquisitive touch along meridians), tongue diagnosis and pulse diagnosis to assess each patients unique and individual areas of concern and treats accordingly.

With regular acupuncture treatments, many systems in our bodies are positively impacted. This might look like...

  • Improved quality of sleep.

  • Better digestion ~ No more bloating and discomfort after eating.

  • Improved immunity ~ less seasonal allergies, and more robust ability to handle colds and flu's.

  • More able to regulate our emotions ~ easily flow through emotional states, enabling us to use appropriate emotions and not become stuck in one particular state.

  • Blood pressure regulation.

  • Menstrual cycle regulation ~ lessens symptoms associated with premenstrual tension, supports healthy menopause and is vastly beneficial for all phases of fertility ~ pre and post pregnancy.

  • Releases our bodies natural pain relieving chemicals (endorphins) ~ that reduces systemic and local areas of pain.

  • Promotes healing in joints and tissue ~ reduces muscle tension and joint dysfunction by creating a healthy inflamatory response and releasing motor points and trigger points that can be contributing to stiffness and poor range of movement.

Sounds amazing doesn't it? But don't take it from me, the best way to know if this could work for you is to give it a go!

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