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Acupuncture Initial Visit - 75 mins - $120
In this initial visit we will fully discuss your health goals and current issues that have lead you to seek health care assistance.  Followed by a treatment that addresses your current health goals.  The treatment may include acupuncture, moxa, cupping, gua sha and or acupressure, tui na dependent on what is appropriate for you at this time.

Acupuncture Subsequent Visit - 60 mins - $95
We will continue to work with your health goals and analyze your progress so far.  Treatments may include acupuncture, acupressure, gua sha, cupping, moxa as appropriate.

Acupuncture Facial - 60 mins - $135
Acupuncture facials address the health of each person as a whole and subsequently look to target either face or neck skin care goals.  With either the neck or face protocols tailored to your individual needs, followed by an application of a high quality, fully natural skin serum.

Acupuncture Spa Facial - 90mins - $165
This treatment blends the best of both classic spa facial treatments, with facial rejuvenation acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine beauty techniques. As with all acupuncture treatments we will discuss your concerns and address the body as a whole. A natural cleanser and exfoliation is used to cleanse the skin and prepare it for acupuncture. Body and facial points will be chosen according to your specific needs. After the removal of acupuncture needles, facial gua sha and jade rolling techniques are used in conjunction with a natural sheet mask and hydrating moisturiser. This treatment is deeply restorative, relaxing and addresses fine lines / wrinkles by boosting collagen production and promoting blood and qi circulation.

Acusculpting Cosmetic Acupuncture - 60 mins - $135
Acusculpting is a cosmetic acupuncture system that targets the whole body.  it is designed to firm, lift, tighten and shape tissues and skin while also addressing you as a whole.
Any areas of concern can be addressed whether it be face or body, with treatment protocols specifically adapted for your individual needs.  Some examples are as follows: hair rejuvenation, breast, abdomen, thigh and buttocks sculpting and or reducing cellulite.

Foot Reflexology - 50 mins - $75
Foot reflexology consists of the application of pressure to different reflexes on the feet.  Each reflex corresponds to specific organs and areas of the body systemically.  It is a non invasive treatment aimed at relieving stress and returning the body to a state of balance.  With over 7,000 nerve ending in the feet, applying pressure helps to calm and reset the nervous system.

Indian Head Massage - 50 mins - $75
Indian Head Massage has its roots in Ayurvedic medicine.  During a treatment certain acupressure points called Marmas are stimulated, this action brings about a release of tension, increases blood flow and circulation to all areas of the head, neck and shoulders.  The Marmas are closely linked to our chakras and in this capacity can have a more profound effect on our spiritual selves in addition to the physical and psychological benefits you could expect to receive from a treatment.  This treatment can be performed with or without hair oils specifically.

PMEF, FIR and Crystal Mat Therapy - 30 mins - $25(in conjunction with other treatments) or 40 mins - $40 (if used alone)
Stimulate your bodies innate healing capabilities with pulsed electro magnetic field therapy. Without electromagnetic exchange between cells our bodies would not function. The pollution that we are exposed too everyday, be it from poor diet, stress or environmental inhibits proper electromagnetic communication between cells. This can lead to pain, inflammation and lowered immunity amongst other conditions. With PMEF treatment, cellular exchange is restored. Whether you are looking for general wellness support, sleep support, pain relief or nervous system reset this treatment has something for everyone. With the addition of far infra red technology, the crystals in the mat heat up and emit negative ions which increase the flow of oxygen in your body helping protect your heart, lungs and brain function. The FIR rays penetrate deep into the body, promoting blood flow and bringing relief to stiff muscles and sore joints.

Cupping, Acupressure and PMEF Treatment - 30 Mins - $60
Cupping uses a negative vacuum to suck muscle, fascia and skin upwards into the vessel (cup), which releases knotted and stagnant tissue, and promotes proper flow and drainage of blood and lymph fluid. This action relieves muscular tension, stimulates immunity (through its action on lymph tissue and fluids) and influences internal organs through neural reflex pathways. Alongside targeted acupressure massage and stimulation, and pulsed magnetic electro frequencies, this combination treatment can relieve a myriad of health conditions. It is also incredibly relaxing and grounding all without the use of needles.
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